If you are interested in being a food vendor or bringing a bar to Elderflower Fields Midlands, please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and then follow the link at the bottom of the page to complete the application form.


Event Name Elderflower Fields – Midlands
Promoter So Sussex Ltd, Spithurst Hub, Spithurst Road, Barcombe, BN8 5EE
Event Dates 29th to 31st May 2020
Load-in Dates 26th to 28th  May 2020 (to be confirmed)
Load-out Dates 31st May to 2nd June 2020
Event Address Elderflower Fields Midlands, Stanford Hall, Stanford Road, Lutterworth, LE17 6DH
Attendance 1500/2000 Ticket holders plus crew

Site Timings:

Tuesday 26th May 10am to 6pm Site Build
Wednesday 27th May 10am to 6pm Site Build
Thursday 28th May 10am to 1pm Site Build
1pm to 6pm Site Build and EF H&S Inspection
Friday 29th May 9am to Noon H&S Inspection*1
Noon Site Ready To Open
Sunday 31st May 6pm Site Closes*2


*1 – All pitches shall be fully completed and populated with equipment prior to 9am on Friday 29th May, ready for the mandatory Health and Safety Inspection. The pitch must be manned throughout the inspection period by the responsible person.

*2 – Vendors shall ensure that their pitch remains ‘event safe’ until full site closure has been confirmed. No vehicle movement will be permitted on site until such times as the event management team instruct otherwise.


  • All applications must be received, fully completed by the deadline date of 10th January 2020
  • Applications accepted by the Promoter shall be confirmed within 7 days of the deadline, accompanied by an invoice for the payment of the deposit, waste bond, and electricity connection (see Financial Arrangements below for further details) This must be paid within 14 days to So Sussex Ltd.


  • Vendors shall be responsible for the supply and installation of all structures; vehicles; trailers; tents; equipment; signage; and other items required for their pitch.
  • All pitches; structures and equipment shall be fit for purpose; be visually attractive; and meet all appropriate legislations and Health and Safety guidance. 
  • Fully dimensioned layout drawings of the preferred pitch layout shall be provided with the application form, together with at least one photograph showing the public view of the pitch.
  • The Promoter shall provide a pitch of suitable size and location for you based on the information given, and in consideration of site infrastructure availability; topography; accessibility; and to meet our customer needs/footfall.
  • Communal seated areas for the consumption of food and drink are provided by the Promoter in some locations. Vendors are however welcome to provide their own seated areas, by prior agreement with the Promoter.


  • Each vendor or bar shall supply, on application, a copy of their intended sales menu. This shall be fully priced, and notated with additional information (for example Vegan; Vegetarian; Gluten free)
  • Priority shall be given to local applicants. It is very important that care is taken to ensure that ingredients are sourced from local, organic and/or fair trade suppliers.
  • Vendors must use Fair Trade wherever possible.
  • The Promoter shall seek to ensure that there is a wide range of options available across the site, and that no two vendors of similar meals are in direct geographical competition.
  • The Promoter shall also seek to ensure that their customers have menus available to them at a fair price across the site. Should we feel that a vendors prices do not meet this criteria, this will be discussed with them prior to accepting an application.


  • The Promoter shall, as in previous years, be providing all ticket holders with a complimentary local produce picnic on the Sunday at 12:30pm. It is unlikely that this would constitute a full meal, so many will still choose to enjoy food and drink from the stall holders on Sunday afternoon. However, this may impact on the level of Sunday lunchtime sales, and this should be taken into account with your planning.
  • A full menu shall remain available from all vendors throughout the Sunday afternoon trade.


  • Vendors are required to accept both cash and card payments
  • Card terminals such as iZettle and Paypal have proved to work effectively on the site
  • At the present time, no WiFi is available on site for vendors use, and all card payment systems must operate on standard 3/4/5G networks


  • All site electricity shall be provided by the Promoter, and no vendor shall utilise their own personal generator.
  • Each vendor shall, at the time of application, notify the Promoter of their electrical requirements, and book the appropriate electrical supply for their needs.
  • The vendor is responsible for ensuring that all electrical equipment is fit for purpose; for the intended location and environment; and has been suitably PAT tested within the period 12 months prior to the closing date of the festival.
  • The Promoter will make an appropriate charge for the requested electrical connections, in line with the table of charges below.
  • The vendor’s requirements and contact details will be shared with our site electrical contractor, who may contact the vendor directly for further information or clarification.
  • Electricity shall be available at all pitches no later than noon on Thursday 28th May.
  • If required, the assistance of the site electrician shall be requested at all times through the Production Office during the site build, event, and break phases.
  • Requests for electrical assistance or information ahead of the event should be directed to the Promoter
  • Any vendor found not to be complying with the site electrical safety rules shall be in breach of contract, and may be stopped from trading or otherwise penalised.

Electricity – Table of Charges

Connection Booked in Advance Requested On Site*3
16a single phase CEE-Form £20.00 each £40.00
32a single phase CEE-Form £30.00 each £60.00
Other P.O.A P.O.A



*3 – Any requests for additional connections on site, or where it is found that the requested supply is insufficient for the vendors actual needs and a larger supply is required, shall be charged at a higher rate band.

Please note that we are unable to guarantee the provision of additional electrical supplies on site, where these have not been booked in advance.


  • The Promoter shall provide an adequate number of potable water points around the site, both in public facing and ‘back of house’ catering areas.
  • Vendors shall be responsible for ensuring that they have a robust means of supplying their pitch with water as required, but shall not utilise a direct connection to the site taps for this purpose.
  • Grey waste, ie used water shall be discharged into locally positioned IBC containers provided by the Promoter, and shall not be discharged into the land or water courses.
  • No grease, fat or oils must be placed in the IBC units whatsoever. Vendors must remove their own grease from site and dispose of it appropriately.
  • In the event of any issue with the site water or grey waste provisions, these shall be notified immediately to the event management team.


  • At Elderflower Fields we are working towards reducing our environmental impact and generally improving sustainability and we will contact each vendor separately to discuss our aims in due course.
  • Vendors must be fully responsible for the control of waste generated by their business, and shall undertake steps to minimise the level of waste generated, including supplier choice.
  • Plates, cutlery and hot drink cups must be compostable; or re-useable by the vendor.
  • Customers are encouraged to bring their own re-useable cups to site for hot drinks, and there will be a single use levy chargeable on single use hot drink cups. This will be advised to traders prior to the event.
  • Reuseable Bar Cups. We will have re-useable generic plastic cups in place and these are rented by Elderflower Fields and provided free of charge to all bars. They should always be offered as standard for £1.00 deposit. Bar staff are responsible for washing all returned cups and reusing them during the festival. Full details of the reuseable bar cup scheme will be provided separately.
  • Vendors should endeavor, where possible to remove from their on-site business the use and storage of glass bottles, containers, and other vessels. Under no circumstances should glass containers be made available to customers
  • The use of plastic straws, and the sale of single use plastic drinks bottles is prohibited.
  • Site waste management plans shall be adhered to at all times, and waste and recycling facilities provided by the Promoter shall be fully utilised for the control and disposal of their generated waste.
  • At front of house positions, vendors should provide a means of disposal for any waste immediately created by their customers. For example, sugar packets; stirrers; packaging; etc.
  • Waste food products at the back-of-house kitchen locations and serveries shall not be emptied directly into waste bins, but shall be suitably bagged first to prevent spillage.


  • The Promoter shall, so far as is reasonably practicable take measures to ensure the overall Health and Safety of the Elderflower Fields site, its staff, contractors, guests and other attendees. 
  • However, each vendor organisation is fully responsible and accountable for compliance of their business; staff; contractors and guests with Health and Safety legislation, other applicable regulations, and site rules.
  • Evidence of compliance, such as Food Hygiene certification; gas safety certificates; first aid qualifications; electrical test documentation; etc. shall be provided to the Promoter as required, and shall be available for inspection on site if requested.
  • Risk assessments for Health and Safety, and if applicable Fire shall also be provided and available for inspection.
  • Structures; catering units; fridge trailers; and other such items shall be fit for purpose; structurally sound; and correctly installed. Risk Assessments should be available for inspection at any time.
  • Electrical equipment and installations shall be fully compliant with the latest regulations, and suitable for the environment in which it is to be used.
  • Adequate fire fighting/prevention equipment shall be provided, to suit the needs of the pitch, and shall be tested and in-date.
  • A first aid kit shall be provided by each vendor, maintained in good condition, and recently checked
  • A suitable means of hand-wash/drying shall be provided by and for each vendor, independent of any such facilities provided by the Promoter in public areas
  • Refrigeration units and hot cupboards shall be effective for their intended use, and compliant with food hygiene standards
  • A probing thermometer shall be available for checking food temperature, with a log maintained of all such checks. This shall be available for inspection by the Promoter if required.
  • Clear Allergen information shall be available to customers, along with full details of everything available on sale.
  • Failure to comply with all necessary legislation, or to be able to adequately evidence such compliance, may result in a failure of the site safety inspections, and an inability to trade.
  • Vendors shall immediately respond to, and co-operate with any request or instruction from the Promoter in regards to Health and Safety.
  • In the event of a query, concern, or issue with regards to Health and Safety, this shall be immediately communicated to the Production Office or a member of the site team


  • The Promoter shall, so far as is reasonably practicable take measures to ensure the overall security of the Elderflower Fields site.
  • However, each vendor organisation is solely responsible for the immediate security of their own pitch, including but not limited to all money, property, equipment and goods.
  • The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss or damage, consequential or otherwise to any vendors property or produce.
  • Vendors shall immediately respond to, and co-operate with any request or instruction from the Promoter in regards to Security.
  • In the event of a query, concern, or issue with regards to Security, this shall be immediately communicated to the Production Office or a member of the site team.


  • The Promoter will agree with the vendor an appropriate number of crew passes for their stall. This includes entry to the festival and overnight camping in the nominated crew camping areas. 
  • The vendor shall be required to provide the names and contact details of those who will require the Trade Passes, and whether they will be staying overnight on the site.
  • Live-in vehicle passes will also need to be requested in advance due to the limited number of spaces available. Details of how to do this will be confirmed with successful applicants.
  • The business owner or pitch manager shall be entitled to complimentary crew passes for their partner and children. A limited number of additional crew family tickets may be purchased at a reduced cost through the ticketing system. Applications for the appropriate discount code should be received by the Promoter no later than 4 weeks prior to the event. 
  • All staff are required to comply with site rules, and to act responsibly at all times whilst on site. Vendors are responsible for ensuring that all of their staff members are welcoming, friendly, professional and honest. As Elderflower Fields is a family festival it is, in addition, essential that staff are able to relate positively to children.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to revoke the access pass of any member of staff, or their guest(s), found to be unsuitable for work on the site, or who is in breach of the site rules.


  • A DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor) must be available at all times. Staff must be fully aware of the licensing law and check ID and ensure no one under age is served alcohol.
  • All Bar staff must be trained in the Challenge 25 policy. There must be physical evidence that the age verification is in place: 1) you must display a statutory Challenge 25 notice at each point of sale where alcohol is served 2) forms are to be completed by all staff where identification is required. Bars must be able to present this on request, should an issue arise.


  • Specific access arrangements for the build phase, and for staff arrivals shall be agreed in advance with each vendor.
  • Vendors, their staff, and their contractors/suppliers shall at all times comply with the site driving rules, and instructions provided to them on site by the event management team and their delegated staff. 
  • No vehicles are allowed on the festival site after the event opens, unless by prior agreement with the event management team. Under such circumstances each request shall be considered and actioned on a case by case basis.
  • All deliveries of stock, produce, other ingredients, or equipment required during the event phase shall be notified in the first instance to the event management team. 
  • Staff from the vendor company shall be available to take any such deliveries at the agreed time and location.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following fees shall be payable to the Promoter:

Deposit*4 £300.00 + vat Paid in advance
Waste Bond*5 £100.00 Paid in advance
Electricity Connection See table above Paid in advance
Trading Fee*6 20% (of event turnover) + vat for food vendors

25% (of event turnover) + vat for bars

Paid on close of event



*4 – The deposit payment shall be non-refundable (unless otherwise agreed with the Promoter), but shall be deducted from the Trading Fee at the close of the event.

*5 – The Waste Bond is charged as an up-front cost, but will be refunded by BACS to the vendors nominated bank account, within 7 days of event close, provided that:

  1. During the build and event phases the site waste management plans are adhered to, and that action is taken in a timely manner to address any waste issues highlighted by the event management team
  2. Following the event, the vendors pitch and immediate area (including any back of house camping location) is left clean and tidy, with all waste correctly disposed of and/or removed from site

*6 – Vendors must provide a full set of z-readings, from all sales, at the close of the event or must be emailed to use within seven days of the event closing.

If you have any queries about the application process, please email us: